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Rib Lath
Paper Back Metal Lath
RB800 Rib Lath
3/8" High Rib
Template Network
Expanded Metal Lath
Diamond Mesh
Paper Back Metal Lath
Self-Furring Lath
Diamond Metal(V-groove)
Corner Bead
#2A-Expanded Corner Bead
RO2-Angle Bead
EA10-45 Angle Bead
P32-Corner Bead
Dry Wall Screed Bead
Thin Coat Angle Bead
Mini Mesh Angle Bead
Stop Bead
66# Expanded Flange
Casing Bead
Plaster Stop Bead
Render Stop Bead
Thin Coat Stop Bead
Plaster Accessories
RS2 Reveal Screed
#7 Foundation Screed
Masonry Reinforcement Mesh
Coil lath
Base and Sill Screeds
J-WEEP (J-Trim)
#36Foundation Sill Screed
#7 Foundation Sill Screed
#7 1-3/8" Sill Screed
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Metal Lath Production Line
Product Material

Product Showcase(Diamond Mesh )

Diamond Mesh
Regular Diamond Mesh Lath is a multi purpose plaster base and reinforcement, It is ideal as a plaster base and reinforcement for all types of construction... View

Paper Back Metal Lath
Paper-Back Lath is diamond mesh lath, regular or self furred, to which offset asphalt saturated kraft building paper has been applied... View

Diamond Metal(V-groove)
Be broadly used in the areas such as highway,
railway, residence, irrigation works and the
protection... View

Strip Lath
Strips of 1.75, 2.5, or 3.4 diamond mesh lath cut in various widths for plaster or masonry reinforcement... View

Self-Furring Lath
Dimples or embossed "V" groove hold the lath
approximately1/4 inch away from the wall allowing the plaster to fill the space between... View

Be broadly used in the areas such as highway,
railway, residence, irrigation works and the
protection... View

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