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No.66 West Street,
Changle Town,
Shengzhou City,
Zhejiang , China

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Company History

1988 ¡¡ Shengzhou Weifa Machinery Tooling Factory of Zhejiang wasestablished £®
1993 Shenzhen XJQ Metal Meshware Company was established£®
1994 Shunde Jiahhe Meshware Enterprise was established£®
1995 Shenzhen Dongyi Hardware formworks Company was ¡¡ established£®
Weifa Metal Meshware Company Ltd. was established. In the same year, weifa purchased 9200 square meters land, and built a factory of 5000 square meters£®
1997 Expanded metal lath machinery was successfully developed£®
1998 The company was changed to Shengzhou Municipal Weifa -Companies Co.,Ltd. It included silkprinter facilities' developing --and manufacturing£®
1999 The company finished a series of WF silkprinter facilities, the ----manufacturing capacity reached 1000 sets/year£®
2001 Cooperated with Taiwan Xuji Corporation in technology aspect --to produce Rib Lath production lines and corner bead lines£®
2002 Established Lvsheng Expanded Formwork Mesh Co.Ltd.and purchased 8600 square meter land£®
2003 Developed series of building lath production line£®
2004 The company adjusted its business construction. Weifa -Municipal Weifa Companies was set as building lath and -accessories production center, Silkprinter business divided toWeifa Silkprinter Machinery Factory; Shenzhen XJQ was set to-produce punching lath and meshware products; Shenzhen -Lvsheng was set as the center of building lath development and-production£®
2007 The company purchased a 80000 square meter land to expand-its factories, to develop new technologies of house building and building construction. Weifa will set production factories in -Beijing and Shanghai to incorporate with the Olympics and -World Expo Shanghai 2010.Weifa's goal is to produce 5 million -square meters of lath /year within 3 years£®

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