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2008 Company News

1. [05/26/2008]-The International Building & Construction Trade Fair 2008 will open in May 26 - 29, 2008.

Weifa attended the International Building & Construction Trade Fair 2008 hold on May 26-29.Again we meet many parties that are interested in buying from us and intended to promote our products in domestic and to abroad. We brought to the show our newly developed system of wall and partition model.

There will be more than 100,000 sponsors sand organizers to invite visitors throughout China, and from the countries in Asia, to visit the show. A promotion campaign towards to the extensive visitors like end-users, decision-makers, importing and exporting companies, designers, engineers, technicians, etc. is to be launched before the opening of the show through government organizations, industrial associations or societies, news releases, various advertisements, direct mailing, etc.

A series of activities and conferences, organized by the government and industrial associations concerned, will be held for the coordination of the complete success of the show.

2 .[08-3-09] WEIFA attended international hardware fair Cologne

In order to promote Weifa's brand,let more people in this industry know Weifa and develop European building material markets for Weifa's products,, we attended the four-day INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR / PRACTICAL WORLD hold in March 2008.

A total of 3,375 companiwes from 61 countries, 77 per cent of whom came from abroad, participated in the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR / PRACTICAL WORLD Cologne in 2008 on a gross exhibition space of 195,000 m2. This year's participants numbered 602 (2006: 712) exhibitors and 33 (76) additionally represented companies from Germany as well as 2,680 (2,550) exhibitors and 60 (137) additionally represented companies from abroad. The INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR / PRACTICAL WORLD Cologne 2008 attracted more than 63,000 trade visitors (74,890) from 129 (143) countries, 58 (56) per cent of them from abroad. In addition, 7,000 do-it-yourselfers visited Halls 6 and 7.

In 2010, the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR / PRACTICAL WORLD will be held in Cologne from Sunday, 28 February to Wednesday, 3rd March.

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